Omaha Portrait Photographer
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Hello there! I will tell you a little bit about myself...

I was born and raised in the Omaha area.

I am married to Bill Pfeffer (the greatest and most handsome attorney around) ; 0)
I have two sons. 20 year old Gary Storey, and.... the other one is a Rottweiller. Thor, who has no idea that he was adopted.  If I were paid to take photos of Gary, I would be a gazillionaire. I pretend to not hear the groans when I pull out a camera. I's hard to believe that a teenage boy doesn't enjoy having his mom taking his photos all the time.

I am step-mom to Kelsey (also, a brilliant attorney) and her husband, Jason. They have a beautiful four year old son, Will, and a two year old daughter, June. 

As you call tell..... our dog, Thor, is used to posing for the camera.

After getting an art degree, I discovered that photography gave me more "instant gratification" creatively. (and this was back in the film days) The computer has replaced the darkroom! I have been shooting professionally for twenty years and it's just amazing how it has evolved.

Our family photos are my most precious possessions. Knowing that I have captured the important milestones and memories in the lives of my clients is the best part of my job.