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A huge thank you to all of the 2018 graduating seniors that I get to work with this year!!!

I am completely booked for all senior sessions for 2018 graduating seniors!!!!!!!

All sessions include a disc with the edited images at high resolution, accompanied by a print release that is on the inside of the CD jewel case. You can have prints, canvas', mouse pads, coffee mugs, holiday cards, etc. etc. made as you wish, at the lab of your choice. I offer a variety of reasonably priced, high quality products such as mounted prints ready for framing, as well as canvas wraps, standout mounts, etc.

You can post your photos on social media such as facebook and instagram, etc.



I like to photograph newborn babies at about 6 to 9 days after birth, between the hours of 9am and noon, for best lighting. The most important thing, I cannot stress this enough, is that your baby MUST be sleeping during the session. We will discuss this via e-mail or phone prior to the session.

I prefer to photograph newborns without clothing, because putting them in and out of clothes makes them unhappy. You can bring cute hats or headbands or a special outfit if you like. I have many backgrounds and props as well as blankets, hats and headbands.

It has to be VERY warm during the session, so, moms and dads, dress light. 

I offer newborn announcements for $35 per 25.   5x7, front and back with envelopes.



We will schedule your session around your child's nap time. I need a well-rested, happy kid.  Bring a good assortment of clothes. I like neutrals, like greys as well as color and texture, vintage is fun, too. It is sometimes a good idea to have 2 people for the sessions involving crawlers and toddlers. A "wrangler" and an "entertainer"  For example: mom "wrangles" the child putting them back in place, as they often like to try to escape. And dad/grandma/aunt "entertains" over my shoulder.




I pretty much insist on perfect make-up. I offer make-up application for $35. The make-up that I do for senior girls is clean and fresh-faced. If you tell me that you usually wear more eye make-up, for example, then I can apply a little more, then make extra enhancements in the editing process. During the editing process, I can add make-up, but I cannot subtract.

I did the make-up on 99% of the girls on my "Seniors" page. If you would like it done, you show up for your session with a clean face.


I offer hair as well, for $35. About 1/2 of the girls do their own hair because they like it a certain way. If you have longer hair, I like it to be able to have some movement if we are outside or if I put a fan in front of you. I don't worry about it so much...... not like back in my high school days when we used a half-a-can of Aqua Net extra super hold. LOL ! Ask your mom. 


My photos tend to have a fashion magazine look to them. Bring a good variety of outfits, shoes and jewelry. You are not going to want to bring anything that is super trendy. I sometimes put girls in my clothes, because I know what shoots well. I have a ton of clothes (sizes 2 to 9 mostly) and shoes (size 7-8) and jewelry.


Clean and/or polished nails in a pink or neutral color. Your hands and toes will be in your photos.


 A little bit of a healthy glow is ok, but, PLEEEEEEASE do not do a lot of tanning/spray tanning prior to your session. The camera reads a deep tan or burn as screaming orange. Not good.


That's what Photoshop is for. No worries.


Bring your gear.



OK guys....  This isn't the dentist. I will try to make your session fun. The more you loosen up and take direction, the easier your shoot goes and the more awesome your photos will be. 


Try to dig your clothes out from the bottom of the hamper at least one day prior to your shoot.  OK...... that was a joke.  I have an 18 year old son.... I know the M/O.    ;0)

Seriously though........ bring a good variety of outfits. For example - jeans, cargo shorts, t-shirts, dress shirts/dress pants. Don't be afraid to look at sites like Pinterest/senior boys for clothing inspiration. I have some clothes, as well, for senior boys.


A little bit of color is ok, but, PLEEEEEEASE do not get a lot of sun prior to the shoot, especially a sunglasses tan/burn line. Deep tans do not read well to the camera.


Bring your gear.



Here's how it works..... You let me know which boudoir package you would like (so that I can prepare for how many backgrounds I will need). Hair and make-up application is included and recommended. You can do your own hair and make-up if you wish, but I insist on perfect make-up. You do not need to go out and spend a ton of money on lingerie. Here are some examples of what you can bring: bra and panty set(s), baby dolls, fishnet stockings, stillettos, corsets, boy shorts, etc.  I have several pieces available to wear, as well as shoes (size 7-8) and jewelry.

In the days prior to your session, don't be afraid to practice in the mirror. I kind of need you to "work it" a little.  I will give you plenty of direction during the shoot.